London is the capital city of United Kingdom (England). It is the most beautiful city of the 21st century. London is the Economic capital of the United Kingdom .

The britishers made this city the prime and the main origin of trade business. London is the third most populated cities in the European union or countries.

London is one of the city of the world.

London is the headquarters of European Union . This City consists of some of the Royal Palaces like BUCKINGHAM PALACE, LONDON EYES, CLOCK TOWER BIG BEN and TOWER BRIDGE. This city is called as the fashion capital of the world as there are lots of fashion competition and new clothes are made or produces.

london is famous for its diverse culture and beautiness around the world. London is the main city for economic organisation.

This city is famous for some of the beautiful Museums and Art Galleries in the world and its is free for the visitors. This city is famous for its Skyline Views as this city has the most beautiful views in the world and this is the reason why it is the main attraction for the travellers all over the globe .

London also attracts the biggest sports in the world and Olympics also held in this city. It is also the main attraction for parks, animals, wildlife and birds sanctuary. It is most greenery city in the world and even more Eco- Friendly as well.

The atmosphere even more beautiful and vibrant for the others . This places is perfect city and always the most attractive places for the travellers and the Visitors.

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