president office in new delhi

New Delhi is the one of the largest commercial city in India. New delhi is the situated in northern part of India. New Delhi is the capital of india . Delhi is the fourth most populated city of india it consists of around 20 millions people. This city was the capital of India in early days (When kings Rules). But britishers shifted its capital to West bengal.

But huge agitation was started by then Congressperson because of the west bengal divided by britishers. Due to which they have to shift his capital back to New delhi in 1911. From that time till now it is the capital of India.

Delhi is divided into two places such as old delhi and new delhi .. Old delhi consists of places like Chandni Chowk, Chawari Bazar , ITO and many more . Where as New Delhi consists of places like Caunnaught Places, Jannakpuri, Dwarka, Noida and Gurugram and so on.

This City is Most Famous for its Places like Rashtrapati Bhawan ( Office’s of President of India), India Gate, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, qutub Minar , Central Park and Bangla Shaheb Gurudwara etc.

This city is the most important city of India as there are homes of Prime minister of india . President of india , and more important members of rajya sabha and lok sabha.. This City mainly consists of Biharis, punjabis, haryanvi, and mainly of north- east part of india .

This city is made up of love. Visiting this city is a treat of love for everyone. The number of Foreigners visit in this city is very high. the street food of this city is more than love .. food blogger loves to visit this city as its the most prominent city to write description on food..

Visit this city and Enjoy the every experiences by your self and try feel the beautiness of this places.

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