new york statue of liberty

New York City is in the United State of America. America is the most powerful country in the world. New york city is also called as the Empire city or the city of huge buildings .

This city is in Northeastern part of United states. This city has its own flags . This City gets united in United States in Year 1898. It is the most populated city of America . Around 3 Millions people resides in this beautiful city in (2017 census).

This city is also called as the economic capital of the world as it produces a huge amount of money for its people. It is one of the independent states of America . This City is known for its huge buildings And Palaces . This city is a most loved and followed city of the world.

New york is also famous of the headquarters of United Nations (Wings) And many more Promising Organisation. This city has Gateway creation area which is approximate around 26000 acres which covers most of the parts of New york.

New York is also famous for the beautiful monuments .. Statue of liberty is one of the most prominent monuments of this world and it is situated in new york city . Statue of liberty was given by france to united states . It is fully made up of Copper. This Statue was added on 28 october 1886.

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