San Francisco Golden gate

San Francisco was build in 29 JUNE 1776. San Francisco is the beautiful part of Northern California . This city is the 13 most populated city of United Kingdom. It is also 4th most populated in California. This city is also the fourth Most Richest City of united states.

This city is Famous for the Beautiful Golden Gate Bridge , Alcatraz island, Fisherman’s Wharf, Cable Cars, Chinatown , Golden Gate park, Legion of honor , California Academy of Sciences.

This has a beautiful Golden Gate Bridge which is quite famous in the world. It is also the part of Seven Wonders of World. The Travellers has declared this places as “Certainly the most beautiful and the most photographed Bridge in the world”.

When this Golden gate bridge is started in 1937 at that time it was one of the most strong, Attractive and Most Powerful bridge of that time. It length is around 1.3 km it connect the Northern San francisco California to San Francisco Peninsula to marine bay in united states.

The Pillars of Golden gate bridge.

San Francisco has Faces a Huge destruction as a Earthquake in 1906. It is said that the city was totally destroyed by that time but the people never let the hope and pride of the city go down. The city was onces again reconstructed and its become even more beautiful from old ones.

This city is also known for its Delicious food around the globe. San francisco is the city where you can have food in open and electric cars. This city is the most tourists attractive places . As the ecosystem is attractive and its make the surrounding even more beautiful.

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